How To Support A Partner With Anxiety

How To Support A Partner With Anxiety Love is blind to many things, including a partner who may suffer from anxiety. Life becomes complicated, and love is tested.

Fortunately, there are at least seven steps you can take to bring joy into your partnership.

Consider these possibilities:

  • ┬áSet Aside Fixing Attitude – Wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, and lovers are roles that differ from a therapist. Your assistance through tough times and their expectations of you are unique to your relationship. Support them without trying to treat them. Can you control your actions so that you are not pressuring them to fit your expectation of a particular behavior? The pressure of given advice may exasperate their anxiety.
  • Set Aside The Expression of Logic Providing a perfectly reasonable explanation of why fear and anxiety have no real foundation, only invalidate their feelings. Instead, you may want to let them explore their feelings through expression. Ask them to help you understand why they feel a certain way about something upsetting to them. Lend an ear and your open heart. Feeling safe to share may help them relax.
  • Practice Genuine Honesty Treat them as capable adults without trying to shield them from what you believe is harmful to them. For example, if a large bill is coming due, share that information with them instead of hiding it from them. Part of the anxiety comes from the unknown. Do not add to it.